Monday, September 28, 2009

Marshall Plan Writing Software ~ Part Two

The other day I posted about a new writing software I was using.

It's called The Marshall Plan Writing Software.

I added my character details plus story length and genre. Now to get to the actual plotting. The trouble I've had in the past would be to do with subplots. I know what my main story is and what I want to see happen, but what about those little extra dramas that happen while real life is going on?

In the past, I've never quite got the 'action vs reaction' bit. Notice I said in the past? Oh yeah, that all changed yesterday!

It's like one of those light bulb moments you see on cartoons. I'm pretty sure a halogen bulb was glowing above my head.

I know, I know, maybe I'm a bit slow on the uptake but isn't it great that I finally got it?

I entered in the story line for the first three chapters that I've already written. Then the software walked me through the next bit. The romantic subplot and the confidante subplot. All I can say is wow. It opened up my book in a way I hadn't even thought of before.

In the next few weeks, I'll let you know what my crit partners think of my work and whether or not it's coming together nicely.

Like me, I think they're gonna be surprised!


Eileen Astels Watson said... [Reply to comment]

Since I just read this, I think the surprise factor might be gone for me. But I promise not to tip the others off, Lee.

Glad to see you blogging!!

SRI said... [Reply to comment]

Hahahah...nah promise there's still a trick or two coming...I've got three I'm playing with at the moment.

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