Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When a friend is hurting.

I had a phone call yesterday from a friend who is hurting.

I won't get into the issue, that's private, but it's so hard to know what to say. Do we say nothing? Send an email? Drive the distance that separates us and give them chocolates and a hug.

We talked, I sent an email and cyber hugs but wanted to share what it is about this particular woman that makes me smile.

Missy (my nickname for her) is taller than me, slim and has this incredible hair that somehow she gets the top to stand up to give her more height. If I tried that with mine, I'd have a headache for a week. She's managed to coerce it into a permanent style.

That shows perseverance.

Recently when a couple we both know decided to launch an attack against my family, rather than sit back and say nothing, she took a stand. Now she didn't have to and we would have still thought highly of her regardless. But she decided to do that which is right.

That shows courage and loyalty.

She and her husband have about forty sheep. The cute ones that shed their wool so you don't have to shear them. For the last couple of years they've had a few problems with lambing. Any orphan lambs are taken in and bottle fed by her until they're big enough to go back into the paddock.

That shows compassion.

I've never known a woman who has a love for chocolate as does Missy. Wow. I stand in awe and so does hubby, who has been known to eat a block or two in his day as well. If there's ever a Caramello chocolate eating competition then she'd win hands down. But you know what? She'd share her last piece of chocolate with you in a flash.

That shows generosity.

Yes, she's all those things and more. She makes me laugh and she's one of those friends that you'll always remember.

If I could fold her up and carry her around in my pocket, life would be even better!

Love ya, Missy!




Lizzie Harvey said... [Reply to comment]

I hope and pray I have a friend as thoughtful and loving as you Lee. Liz..(Dalby)

SRI said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, Liz. You're such a sweetheart. But you were when we went to school together too. I'm so glad you married a fine man and are happy.


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