Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Sun.

Dictionary meaning; A star that is the basis of the solar system and that sustains life on Earth, being the source of heat and light. It has a mean distance from Earth of about 150 million kilometers (93 million miles) a diameter of approximately 1,390,000 kilometers (864,000 miles) and a mass about 330,000 times that of Earth.

People from all walks of life love the sun. But for a few of us, the sun causes intense pain and severe migraines.

My meaning; Pain. I've lived with Photophobia all my life. It's not a fear of the sun as some people think, but an extreme sensitivity to light.

Right now, I'm inside my house with the blinds drawn and doors shut. The airconditioner hums quietly in the background, not to cool the house but to help circulate air.

George and Pierce have gone for a bike ride and I can't join them. If I did, then for the next few days I'd have a migraine and would need to have a Pethidine shot. Yuck.

So instead, I clean, cook their favourite things and write. I'm blessed that George is understanding and doesn't complain that his wife is a wimp, but it's hard. I don't get to go to the beach unless it's at dawn or sunset. No bbq's in the middle of the day, no bike rides, etc.

Sometimes, like today, it gets me down. I want to be able to go out and join them, feel the wind in my hair and bugs in my mouth, well you get the idea.

But it has an upside.

Less wrinkles and age spots than most people end up with.

And more time to write and cook and read.

So for today, join me in raising your glass of Cola to Photophobia and less wrinkles!



Dorothy said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Lee,
How courageous of you to turn something limiting into an opportunity to write. Those migraines must be whoppers to need Pethidine. Take care and thanks for sharing.

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