Friday, December 30, 2011

My quilt.

On Boxing day we attended the wedding of two friends. It was a lovely occasion with vows being exchanged at around 7pm.

Why Boxing day?

Well, you see, two years ago we had a BBQ lunch on that very day and invited a few friends. Among them were Graham and Moyra. They met, hit it off and two years later decided to tie the knot on the day they met.

Cute, hey?

Most of us took cameras and snapped happy pics. I was quite proud of the restraint I showed with only taking just under three hundred photos!

As I stood there clicking happily away, I started thinking of the different personalities around me, and how, to my mind, they resemble material. 

Some materials are sturdy like denim or corduroy, others like cotton can only handle so much before falling apart. Some consist of somber tones, while others bring much needed light and contrast.

It's the same with people.

Then I realised that God has bought all of these different fabrics together over the course of my life, much like a beautiful patchwork quilt.

Some parts need to be handled carefully as they're fragile, others are wash and wear and ready to be thrown on at a moment's notice. 

With all these different parts and fabrics, no matter how fragile or durable, you end up with a comforting, intricately-woven blanket God can throw around your shoulders during any season we're going through.

God's Quilt - My Life. Pretty cool. huh?


SRI said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Hey Hey

Rose Dee said... [Reply to comment]

That's thought provoking. What fabric am I? I think I need to ask those around me. I actually spent the day with my friend's 13y old daughter. I've known her since she was three. Her name is Denim. She is really sweet though - not at all Denim like. So could Denim actually be more flexible. - I have to stop thinking about this now. Bad Lee.

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