Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Photo A Day

April 21st - Bottle


We've been renovating our house and while cleaning out our pantry, I came across this bottle.

White wine vinegar.

As many of you know, white wine vinegar can only be described as tart. There isn't anything sweet about what's inside this bottle.

Yet the bottle itself is quite attractive and one of the reasons I purchased the product. (Clever marketing)

And then of course I got to thinking.

How often do we meet people who on the outside are attractive and pleasing to the eye, yet when we get to know them it's a completely different story? Inside, they're as tart and sour as this vinegar.

I wonder what would happen if our features matched what was on the inside?

Would many of us run and hide, unable to show the world our true selves?

Who do you know that fits this description? And, how have they effected your life?


Dorothy said... [Reply to comment]

Well, this has made look at my own inside! Scary really, when we consider how much we fight to keep the outside from matching the inside. My prayer is to live so that my inside is always more beautiful than the way I look. A real challenge, when so much emphasis is put on staying young and gorgeous, instead of being honest and transparent!

Good post :) xx

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