Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Pie Police

We took our son to see Avengers last week.

Great movie.

Like most people, I love the cinema. The smell of buttered popcorn, the energy of the people around me and the obligatory eating of jaffa's or malteser's.

Remember in years gone by, when jaffa's were rolled down the aisles in cinemas?

Sigh. Those were the days.

But I digress.

Our family left home later than we wanted to, so hubby came up with a wonderful idea.

Why not purchase some pies and take them in with us?


Now, I hate doing anything that even sniffs of being against rules. I mean, after all, rules are there for a reason. They save the world from complete anarchy and stop evil-doers from rising and unleashing their alien counterparts on an unsuspecting humanity.

Oops. Sorry. Been watching too much Dr. Who.

Hubby, on the other hand, loves to bend the rules in a gentle and loving way. Or so he tells me.

So, it was off to our local pie shop to purchase the forbidden fruits, or is that pastries?

I waited in the car. Hubby and son went into the store and came out laden with a mini-feast. Pies, sausage rolls and little nibbles.

The only problem were they going to sneak all that deliciousness into the cinema?

You guessed it. My oversized bag which contains everything a writer/publisher needs. Plus my favourite hot-pink items like my phone, lipstick and nail polish.

There is no room for pies in MY bag. Or so I thought.

As both my men pointed out, my bag has enough room to carry a kitchen sink - and probably does.

It was no use. They had me outnumbered two to one. Plus they threatened to not give me the gluten-free snack they'd found just for me.

I succumbed. Yes, I know it. I'm weak...weak, I tell you!

They went into the movie and I followed, my bag bulging with items too hot to handle.

Everything was going fine. We found seats, I made myself comfortable and took a sip of drink for my parched, nervous throat.

Then it happened. They asked me to hand over the goods.

I opened my bag...and the smell of Steak, Bacon and Cheese not only wafted filled the entire cinema with it's aroma.

Heads craned to see who had broken the rules. People whispered and pointed in our direction.

The men just munched away happily, all through the first half hour of the movie. Totally oblivious to any consternation they may have caused.


I sat there, curled in my corner and terrified the PIE POLICE were going to come and kick me out.

Don't believe me they exist?

Take a look for yourself.

Okay, he may not actually BE in Australia...but the next time you get the urge to sneak hot food into your local cinema...don't say I didn't warn you!



Dorothy said... [Reply to comment]

Ha! Brilliant! I wondered about the aroma as soon as I read you'd stopped at the pie shop. I bet all those stares were from people who WISHED they had a pie in hand. Sounds like a fun day out with your men.

You've made me hungry now for something from the pie warmer.... ;)

Money and Soul Breakthrough said... [Reply to comment]

I know exactly how you feel, it's been so long since I've had a tasty treat. I still haven't come up with anything even close to normal pie crust that is gluten-free.

Looking forward to reading more about YOUR day! :)

Sr Crystal Mary said... [Reply to comment]

Hello Lee, Pie police, so funny. I am sure that man gets lots of comments. Your pie with the sauce shaped in Australia looks good. I love a good pie. I also love going to the movies but rarely go. Glad your men enjoyed their food without feeling guilty.
We attended the Australian festival when I lived in the USA.. And when I caught site of a pie van I had to have one, and buy some more frozen ones to take home. However, they were not like ours and I was so disappointed. The same happened to me at a Gas station. They had a coffee machine selling cappuccino's. I drank a bit, it was so sweet and sickly, with little coffee.
I understand when my hubby wants to buy American hot dogs, peanut butter and corm maize over here..

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