Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Farm Yard Find.

This hay rake sits at the front of our property. You can see part of our house in the background.

The rake would be pulled along by horses, while a teamster sat on the seat controlling them.

The rake would sweep already-cut hay into windrows, a row of hay or grass.

Next to the seat is a lever which the teamster would operate in order to lower or raise the tines.

Of course the hay rake used to day is different, though you can still see the old implements at country shows.

Do you have anything old fashioned that lays around your property? If so, what was it's history?



Penny Reeve said... [Reply to comment]

We have a few 'ugly things' that we inherited when we moved here. My husband wishes we didn't have them, but they are special to me: a huge hills-hoist clothes-line (I know it's not that ancient but it's certainly not the modern look), an old concrete double sink (I LOVE it! Brings back memories from when I was little and grubby!) and an old pair of garden shears (they don't work but look cool!).

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