Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I love sunflowers. 

Cheerful and bright they deserve a place in every garden. 

Legend tells us the Clytie, a beautiful water number left her home and went to Olympus where she saw Apollo, the sun-god and fell in love. 

Apollo, however, did not share her love, for his heart had been given to another. 

Despondent, Clytie sat on the ground gazing at the sun from the moment it appeared in the sky, till it dropped beyond the horizon.

For nine days she sat and pined away, refusing to return home. 

Finally her limbs sank into the ground and became roots, her body a slender stem and her beautiful face resembled the sun she couldn't tear her gaze away from.

To this day, she sits tall and proud and follows the sun from the moment it first appears to it's disappearance into the horizon.

What's your favourite flower and what meaning does it have in your life?



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