Monday, November 11, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

I know people tend to think rabbits are such little cuties with button noses and a powder puff for a tail, but step into a rabbit hole and you might think differently.

Recently a friend was chasing his sheep around our top paddock.

Why you ask?

Well he'd agisted his sheep with us while he was in the process of moving. As you do.

There he was running around, arms waving, when all of a sudden he dropped to the ground and let out an incredible shout.

He'd stepped in a rabbit hole.

Just like this one.

After much yelling we finally got  his boot off and boy, did his foot swell up. Not only that but it turned an incredible array of colours, everything from a pretty purple through to a groovy green.


Right next to the rabbit hole we found a footprint. That's it above. You can also see it in the first picture.

So yes, bunnies are cute when they're leaving eggs, but when you step in a rabbit hole, well sometimes you don't end up in Wonderland.



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