Friday, November 8, 2013

The Girls Are Here!

In my last post we were discussing chickens and how absolutely wonderful they are, unless, of course, your name is Lulu Belle the Maltese.

Then chickens take on the semblance of very large proportions, larger than Lulu Belle at least.

It took us a while to find our chickies, simply because no one seemed to have what we were after.

We wanted unique, olde worlde chickens. We did not want your average run of the mill chicken that every man and his dog seem to have.

Oddly enough, the perfect chickens lay (pardon the pun) right under our noses.

Through a comedy of errors we discovered that one of the mums at our swim club...bred chickens! And not just any old chicken, either.

She, and her gorgeous children, breed rare and  heritage chickens!

We were excited, people!

So one Sunday afternoon we took a drive to Kids Chooks in Boddington and checked out her chickies.

After the kids played and we ate and laughed, and wandered around...the decision was made.

Here are our girls...

We have two Ancona's. My son called them Anaconda's and hubby and I think they're more like the Velociraptor's from Jurassic Park. They tend to be the first one's out of the door at even the slightest whiff of food.

The black chicken at the back is a Silkie. The one at the front is a French Maron. She has the cutest little feathers around her ankles which tend to look like old fashioned bloomers.


This is one of our Polish. Don't you just love the top knot of feathers? They tend to be short sighted so get frightened a little easier than the others. We have two, this one and a grey one.

All together we have six little hens to lay eggs, eat bugs and strut their stuff.

Plus eat all the food scraps we have left over.

Now we just have to wait a few weeks for eggs. In the meantime, we've discovered that watching them scratch for food is a pretty cool pastime. 



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