Meet Lee

Life is what you make it. 

This is especially true for Christians. A lot of people, once they become a child of Christ, coast along never really living a life worthy of Him.

I'm so thankful our God is the God of second chances. Without His love and a second chance, I wouldn't be here. I'm pretty sure most people can say the same.

I was born on a cold winter's morning in Brisbane, which is probably why the cooler months resonate deep within me.
Those are the most productive months for me. The days are long and cold, a fire burns brightly in our fireplace and the enticing aroma of baked goods fill the air. Oh, yes, winter is definitely my time of the year.

My hero-husband and I have a ten-year-old son. Our small property is surrounded by bush and an exotic assortment of wildlife. We have Dexter cows which think they're human, dogs which think they're cows and resident magpies which think they're dogs. Yes, it can be a pretty-mixed up barn-yard, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Recently, I joined a group of wonderful writers at  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and love to write, why not join us?

So, who am I? I'm the daughter of a King, wife to a Hero, mother to a Prince, writer and coach.

I'm a pretty easy going person who loves all things French (except snails and frog legs).

My family consists of Aussies, Polish, Italians, Welsh, Irish, Romany Gypsies, English, Canadians and the occasional American. Being slightly multi-cultural...makes for great food.

I also love my family, my Bible, true-blue friends (you know who you are), good food, pink (the colour not the singer), girly-girl things, guns, good books, people who are bi-lingual, cooking, learning new things, hot cross buns and raspberry tarts, the smell of rain, cold grey skies, winter, cows, sheep and dogs, people who can sing, people who aren't afraid to stand up for right, my country and yours, perfume, makeup...the list goes on.

I love hearing people's stories, and am always amazed at what really lies beneath the surface we call life.

God's Quilt - My Life.